Legally Blonde

About Production

David received Helpmann and Sydney Theatre Award nominations and won the Green Room Award for Best Actor in a Musical for his acclaimed portrayal of Emmett Forrest in Legally Blonde.

The musical adaptation of the 2001 film of Legally Blonde opened in Sydney in September 2012 and played for 12 months touring to Melbourne and Brisbane before closing in August 2013. The production won 5 awards including Best Musical and Best Director (Jerry Mitchell) at the 2013 Helpmann Awards along with a total of 6 nominations.

The cast also starred Lucy Durack (Wicked) as Elle Woods, Rob Mills (Wicked) as Warner, Helen Dallimore (Into The Woods) as Paulette, and Cameron Daddo (The Sound of Music) as Professor Callahan.


“David Harris never faulted as Emmet Forrest. He proved a solid acting presence for some less-experienced performers around him” – The Daily Telegraph

“Matching Durack is David Harris as working-class law student Emmett. his acting is a highlight and his voice is gorgeous” – The Sun Herald

“I saw David Harris in Miss Saigon in 2007 and knew he’d be one who’d make it because he brings emotion and guts to his characters. As scruffy intellect Emmet Forrest, he kicks spunky Warner away without trying too hard” – AussieTheatre (full review)

“Setting off sparks of his own in the central relationship is David Harris as teacher’s aide Emmett Forrest. Harris makes Emmett’s instant attraction to Elle very clear, and we are rooting for him as he goes from seeing her as a princess impossibly out of his reach to a true friend and someone he could love. Harris gives an endearing and understated performance, proving his place as one of Australian’s leading men of the theatre” – TheatrePeople (full review)

“David Harris plays Elle’s new love interest Emmett with a natural likability and his powerful tenor sounds fantastic” – Arts Hub (full review)

“However, it is David Harris who wins the most hearts as scruffy love interest Emmett Forrest: his disarming naturalism forms an appealing contrast to the high theatricality of the rest of the cast” – Theatre Press (full review)

“David Harris is more compelling as Emmett: both his singing and acting command attention” – Crickey (full review)

“The Australian production has a terrific cast… David Harris a warm Emmett Forrest” – The Australian (full review)

“David Harris is gently endearing as Emmett, the only person at Harvard who gives Elle the time of day initially and eventually wins her heart” – The Daily Telegraph (full review)

“David Harris is cheeky, sexy and a little dorky as Emmett Forrest” – SameSame (full review)

“David Harris offered a brilliant portrayal of the intelligent, caring young student lawyer” – Australian Stage (full review)

“David Harris is warm and charming as Emmett” – Herald Sun (full review)

“David Harris as Emmett, Elle’s mentor through Harvard is nothing short of perfect in this role. His vocal ability coupled with a sublime acting performance makes you warm to him instantly and truly barrack for him to win the girl” – BoadwayWorld (full review)

“Highlight performances come from David Harris, as Emmett… Harris plays Emmett with a calm confidence and assured voice” Australian Stage (full review)

“David Harris is divine as Emmett and his character was a special favourite of mine… he has obviously invested a lot in this role, much to the audiences’ delight” – TheatrePeople (full review)

“David Harris in his transformation into disheveled, driven Emmett, Elle’s mentor, is spectacular … Remarkable performances” _ AussieTheatre (full review)

“David Harris offered a brilliant portrayal of the intelligent, caring young student lawyer” Australian Stage online (full review)

“David Harris excels through a warm and winning combination of natural authority and an agile and appealing voice, notably in the songs Chip on My Shoulder and the quick-change Take it Like A Man in which the characteristically dishevelled Emmett becomes brand spanking shiny and new..” – Stage Noise (full review)

“Leading man David Harris is the perfect choice for the adorkable Emmett, similarly gaining the audience’s affection as he sells the slow burning love story between Emmett and Elle. Harris’ singing, not even stretched to its full capabilities here, is excellent” – Theatre People (full review)

“David Harris radiates integrity and sings beautifully as Emmett” – Sydney Morning Herald (full review)